For information on getting screened, please contact your Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Healthcare primary care provider.

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Early screenings are the best way to spot cancer early

People are affected every day by cancer in the Coulee Region. The key to successful cancer treatment is catching it early. When diagnosed early, cancer can be treatable. Survival rates for these cancers increase dramatically with early detection and treatment.

Early Detection Contest Winner - 1st Place

Mayo Clinic Health System, Health Tradition Health Plan and WKBT-TV sponsored a contest asking for stories that would inspire others regarding the importance of screening and early cancer detection. The response was truly inspiring! Thank you to all who entered and helped tell the story that early screening saves lives!

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What you need to know: screenings for…

Breast cancer

Yearly mammograms are recommended for women starting at age 40*

Colorectal cancer

Beginning at age 50, men and women should begin recommended screenings*

Prostate cancer

Men age 50 and older should have a discussion with their provider about the pros and cons of testing*

Cervical cancer

Regular Pap tests are an important preventive tool for women. Discuss a schedule with your provider*

*These are general guidelines. Other factors may affect how early or often your provider recommends screening.

The web sites listed below offer resources for learning more about how to live healthy, decrease your chances of getting cancer, and also how to manage living with and treatment of cancer.

Learn more about cancer, early cancer detection and cancer treatments: